Michael Calder is a fiction writer, poet, general genius, and all round nice guy. Having had two poems published in minor anthologies and a couple of short stories in the works, he has also attempted to take up maths, a plethora of foreign languages, chemistry, and several unconventional instruments. Though all were successes to a degree – except the musical instruments – none held his attention quite like writing. Now that Michael has almost mastered a course in English Literature and Creative Writing at degree level, it only makes sense that he is now spreading his wings across the publishing world. He has high hopes of becoming the head of a well-recognised publishing house, and abusing the power to publish his own writing, or perhaps becoming an author the conventional way would do. However, much of his day is spent lounging around, and what time isn’t spent idle, is spent studying. It’s the very last moments of every day that is spent trying to sniff out various publishing opportunities.

Thankfully, one of those opportunities has presented itself, and so he is currently at work on a top-secret project – going by the code nameĀ Hunters – as well as grinding out university assignments in the hopes of grabbing that eureka moment. But, for all those out there that might consider themselves fans, and even those that might not, he’s decided to put aside regular time to post here.

Once a month there should be progress reports given in the blog section (no promises), and its equally likely that he will post whenever boredom, writer’s block, or the general need strikes. The story snippet section will be less coordinated, but will regularly gain new content of both the prose and poetry form.